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Data Charts for mako1


Listing All Accepted Entries for mako1 (most recent on top)

Species Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Catfish thumbCatfish 28.25
(155.375 pts)
October 13, 2010 Dscn0086 thumb Dscn0089 thumb Dscn0088 thumb Clear Lake on a bobber. Got some bigger ones but they're hard to measure and release! Show
Surfperch thumbSurf Perch 10.5
(126.0 pts)
July 30, 2010 Imgp4453 thumb   Albion bonus. Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 21.25
(170.0 pts)
July 28, 2010 Imgp4447 thumb Imgp4446 thumb Imgp4445 thumb Spur of the moment trip out to RG, late in the day, FAC. Show
Cabezon thumbCabezon 17.25
(138.0 pts)
July 10, 2010 Imgp4323 thumb Imgp4324 thumb Imgp4325 thumb R.G. 20 FOW Trix Jetty Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 20.0
(160.0 pts)
July 10, 2010 Imgp4333 thumb Imgp4334 thumb Imgp4335 thumb R.G. 30' FOW Trix Jetty Worm Show
Catfish thumbCatfish 25.5
(140.25 pts)
June 19, 2010 Imgp4285 thumb Imgp4286 thumb Imgp4287 thumb These pics are the best I could do, it wanted back into the water. Witnessed by F'Hunter, G'zan, and Chevy. Show
Greenling thumbGreenling 14.75
(162.25 pts)
May 16, 2010 Imgp4216 thumb   Mendo coast, only managed the one pic before release. Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 26.5
(132.5 pts)
May 16, 2010 Imgp4224 thumb Imgp4223 thumb Imgp4222 thumb Mendo coast with the Craigs. Show
Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass 20.5
(164.0 pts)
April 25, 2010 Imgp4029 thumb Imgp4030 thumb  Clear Lk on a Senko. Show
Smallmouth bass thumbSmallmouth Bass & Spotted Bass 16.25
(146.25 pts)
April 14, 2010 Imgp3982 thumb Imgp3983 thumb Imgp3985 thumb New lure from Rapala called the Prima donna. Show
Striped bass thumbStriped Bass 20.0
(105.0 pts)
April 14, 2010 Imgp3986 thumb Imgp3988 thumb  Rapala lure Show
Panfish thumbPanfish 14.75
(177.0 pts)
April 09, 2010 Imgp3945 thumb Imgp3947 thumb Imgp3946 thumb Not a minnow-bucket in sight! Show
Steelhead thumbSteelhead 25.75
(154.5 pts)
March 09, 2010 Imgp3863 thumb Imgp3864 thumb  One of two hooked on a plug. I couldn't get mouth shut and be backed up enough for whole body shot. I respect the judge's ruling if needed. She swam away strong. About 15 seconds from trough to release. Show
Salmon thumbSalmon 35.0
(175.0 pts)
October 31, 2009 Imgp3398 thumb Imgp3393 thumb  Smith tidewater, float and eggs. Tough getting a good measurement on fish larger than the trough! This buck had an attitude! Fish swam strongly away unharmed. Show
Salmon thumbSalmon 33.0
(165.0 pts)
September 04, 2009 Imgp3200 thumb Imgp3201 thumb Imgp3195 thumb Klamath on a Cleo, #8 test, spin rod. No, not at Jonesz hole! Show
Striped bass thumbStriped Bass 29.5
(154.875 pts)
August 14, 2009 Imgp3149 thumb   6 in the morning, on topwater, witnessed by SBD. It flopped off the board before I got my proper pic. Show
Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass 24.25
(194.0 pts)
July 10, 2009 Imgp2999 thumb Imgp3000 thumb Imgp2998 thumb On a topwater frog, Clear Lake, in 2 feet of water. Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 34.5
(172.5 pts)
July 05, 2009 Imgp2986 thumb Imgp2985 thumb  Caught at Lake Caspar on secret lure. Show
Cahalibut thumbCalifornia Halibut 30.25
(151.25 pts)
June 30, 2009 Imgp2963 thumb Imgp2964 thumb Imgp2966 thumb Humboldt hunnies! Show
Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass 22.5
(180.0 pts)
June 28, 2009 Imgp2944 thumb Imgp2946 thumb Imgp2945 thumb Rodman, on a frog! Lost a bigger one... Show
Cabezon thumbCabezon 21.0
(168.0 pts)
June 13, 2009 Imgp2885 thumb Imgp2886 thumb Imgp2887 thumb Russian Gulch, great conditions, slow fishing. Nice cabbie though... Show
Cahalibut thumbCalifornia Halibut 28.5
(142.5 pts)
June 06, 2009 Imgp2846 thumb Imgp2848 thumb Imgp2836 thumb Paradise on a very windy saturday. OTW shot courtesy of Ben. Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 20.0
(160.0 pts)
June 02, 2009 Imgp2829 thumb Imgp2830 thumb  Lost Coast, not a pretty trough pic. I should have done it while on the water when the fish was perky and pretty... but I forgot! I almost filleted it before measuring it too! Show
Cabezon thumbCabezon 20.25
(162.0 pts)
June 01, 2009 Imgp2802 thumb Imgp2801 thumb  Lost Coast Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 30.75
(153.75 pts)
June 01, 2009 Imgp2810 thumb Imgp2806 thumb  Lost Coast on my freshwater frogging rod with 12 lb test. FUN! Show
Striped bass thumbStriped Bass 24.0
(126.0 pts)
May 21, 2009 Imgp2728 thumb   Zoom zoom. Show
Striped bass thumbStriped Bass 23.0
(120.75 pts)
May 03, 2009 Imgp2701 thumb Imgp2700 thumb  Drifting a fluke. Show
Smallmouth bass thumbSmallmouth Bass & Spotted Bass 17.25
(155.25 pts)
April 24, 2009 Imgp2662 thumb Imgp2663 thumb Imgp2664 thumb Secret spot on secret lake with secret lure. The dam at Mendo on a Zoom. Show
Steelhead thumbSteelhead 32.0
(192.0 pts)
March 26, 2009 Imgp2523 thumb Imgp2524 thumb Imgp2525 thumb S. Fork Eel, pulling a plug in a slow, clear tailout, in the evening. A boat drifted through an hour earlier and hooked nothing. Easy release, no net, only touched the tail wrist to push it back into the current after slipping out hooks. Awesome creatures! Show
Sturgeon thumbSturgeon 47.0
(176.25 pts)
January 24, 2009 Imgp2261 thumb Imgp2264 thumb Imgp2263 thumb China Camp, Rat Rock, top of the outgo, grass/ghost shrimp combo, 11' of water. Show
Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass 21.0
(168.0 pts)
January 21, 2009 Imgp2234 thumb Imgp2235 thumb  South end of Clear Lake, babysitting a minnow. Show
Cabezon thumbCabezon 18.5
(148.0 pts)
October 29, 2008 Imgp1947 thumb Imgp1948 thumb  Caught at Ft. Ross fishing with Ben and Glynn. Show
Salmon thumbSalmon 36.25
(181.25 pts)
September 25, 2008 Imgp1818 thumb Imgp1819 thumb Imgp1811 thumb Klamath River, free-dropping Cleos on 8 lb test. Show
Striped bass thumbStriped Bass 28.5
(149.625 pts)
August 26, 2008 Imgp1614 thumb Imgp1615 thumb Imgp1618 thumb Lake Mendo, 40 FOW, minnow. Show
Cahalibut thumbCalifornia Halibut 26.0
(130.0 pts)
August 08, 2008 Imgp1524 thumb Imgp1522 thumb Imgp1515 thumb Caught at slack high tide, live anchovie, Humboldt Bay. Show
Vermillion thumbRockfish 19.25
(154.0 pts)
July 14, 2008 Imgp1458 thumb Imgp1459 thumb Imgp1461 thumb Alone at Russian Gulch, 70 feet, on a small iron. Show
Lingcod thumbLingcod 36.5
(182.5 pts)
July 14, 2008 Imgp1466 thumb Imgp1463 thumb Imgp1462 thumb At Russian Gulch, 100 feet of water, live 12" jacksmelt. Show
Smallmouth bass thumbSmallmouth Bass & Spotted Bass 16.75
(150.75 pts)
April 02, 2008 Imgp1003 thumb Imgp1004 thumb  Caught dropshotting at Lake Mendocino in the evening, off a steep bank. Show
Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass 19.75
(158.0 pts)
March 22, 2008 Imgp0862 thumb Imgp0857 thumb Imgp0865 thumb Clear Lake state park, on a minnow, fishing with Fishhunter, Sumo152, Dan, and Chad. Show
Steelhead thumbSteelhead 28.0
(168.0 pts)
March 14, 2008    South fork Eel river, diver with roe. Show