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Listing 20 most recently validated catches

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Angler Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Ghost Surfperch thumbSurf Perch January 26, 2023 Perch  11.50 thumb   Show
Poopsmith Trout thumbTrout January 21, 2023 20230121 112609 thumb   First fish of the year! Show
JoeDubC Cahalibut thumbCalifornia Halibut December 21, 2022 Ec8e347d 8a83 4b8d 9e32 e21629147ac2 thumb E19f7a6f 5b94 4a12 8b6e 5ad85ad619d1 thumb  Caught on a Shimano jig. Show
Sturgeon General Lingcod thumbLingcod December 18, 2022 6f8bedeb db15 4e12 b556 d64d1edba4e3 thumb   Show
Jewli0n Vermillion thumbRockfish December 18, 2022 3c49eae9 7cf1 43c5 8223 885239d5f718 thumb   Show
ThreemoneyJ Lingcod thumbLingcod December 18, 2022 Bf190e0a c9c8 4d19 bf77 4c2effb0c89b thumb   Show
Corey Vermillion thumbRockfish December 07, 2022 Fullsizeoutput 2f71 thumb   Show
Poopsmith Surfperch thumbSurf Perch November 27, 2022 20221127 122400 thumb   Not big enough :( Show
Matanaska Lingcod thumbLingcod November 19, 2022 276c4bc7 91c1 4cf3 8163 b233bbe40c9d thumb   Entry edited to 33.75. Show
Corey Cabezon thumbCabezon November 18, 2022 Fullsizeoutput 2f56 thumb   Show
JoeDubC Flounder thumbFlatfish November 11, 2022 59a7bcce 4d81 40b9 9f4c 31f1141e77ee thumb 417560ca 4520 470e 8e58 8539a0b8c1cc thumb  Show
JoeDubC Lingcod thumbLingcod November 11, 2022 0c322ed5 3b50 4836 8ea4 d659a903fb6a thumb 480d0644 b8c0 4ced a194 a4e63b7595cd thumb  Show
The Kraken Striped bass thumbStriped Bass October 27, 2022 Aoty22stri34.50 thumb Aoty22str34502 thumb  It's been a while since I caught a nice fish. PB striper. CPR Show
The Kraken Catfish thumbCatfish October 26, 2022 Aoty22cat29.50 thumb   Show
Pasha Flounder thumbFlatfish October 29, 2022 Img 1418 thumb   Is there an award for shortest submission? :P My favorite submission of the year! Approved.- Corey Show
Pasha Surfperch thumbSurf Perch October 29, 2022 Img 1423 thumb Img 1424 thumb  Show
bbt95762 Striped bass thumbStriped Bass October 30, 2022 Tuckerstriper205 thumb Tuckerstriperlips thumb  umbrella rig Show
JoeDubC Cabezon thumbCabezon October 28, 2022 049f9bab 2219 42aa 93cb ba21e2891fc7 thumb   Show
Pasha Striped bass thumbStriped Bass October 21, 2022 Img 1373 thumb Img 1374 thumb  CnR'd Show
alshobieoutback Lingcod thumbLingcod October 15, 2022 20221018 175845 thumb Img 20221015 140258505 hdr thumb  Personal Best Lingcod! Show