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Angler Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
Poopsmith Lingcod thumbLingcod September 18, 2022 20220917 152848 thumb   Show
JoeDubC Striped bass thumbStriped Bass September 17, 2022 Img 9266 thumb   I deducted 1" from length due to fish gaping right before flipping overboard. This is the only shot I got. Maybe I should have killed it first but was not sure I wanted to keep it. Show
Sturgeon General Salmon thumbSalmon September 11, 2022 9bccc7db d4f6 4d37 84e5 2756cdb1e56d thumb 38bad32d cf45 4da3 96ad 13756c0382f2 thumb  Show
tommcdo Cabezon thumbCabezon September 04, 2022 27a633c5 5157 4fe7 8a90 d41ec980dcab thumb   Can upgrade Show
Codzilla Lingcod thumbLingcod September 03, 2022 20220903 124033 thumb   Show
Matanaska Salmon thumbSalmon August 04, 2022 A12c6296 6769 4738 9e59 39d26ae3971f thumb   Show
Matanaska Lingcod thumbLingcod August 30, 2022 651b4bcd d003 46e9 b625 59de6cffd022 thumb   Show
Codzilla Vermillion thumbRockfish September 02, 2022 20220902 171838 thumb   Show
Codzilla Greenling thumbGreenling September 02, 2022 20220902 171514 thumb   Show
tommcdo Cahalibut thumbCalifornia Halibut August 25, 2022 61b35182 9495 4d07 97cc 2c17ccac315c thumb   Cali upgrade. Show
Sturgeon General Salmon thumbSalmon August 21, 2022 57e2348b 966a 4bb9 8d77 5b25e5c05cee thumb 11e06293 886c 432c a6f8 214cbfb7eb50 thumb  Show
KPD Salmon thumbSalmon August 20, 2022 7bf865d9 2b2e 4247 9532 b1c3fdf28187 thumb   Long and skinny. This one weighed 19.5 pounds, while the other one I got the same day was 1.5 lbs heavier and a full 2.5 inches shorter. Caught from a paddle kayak. Show
Sailfish Cabezon thumbCabezon August 21, 2022 9eab2443 eef2 4e3c afe2 3fe2b4f88117 thumb   Upgrading Show
ThreemoneyJ Salmon thumbSalmon August 21, 2022 98b82f7c c9d8 4c40 a433 5c3a69678e10 thumb   Show
Poopsmith Cahalibut thumbCalifornia Halibut August 20, 2022 20220820 173655 thumb   Show
bbt95762 Smallmouth bass thumbSmallmouth Bass & Spotted Bass August 20, 2022 Tuckerspottedbass160 thumb Spottedbass thumb  Caught trolling a Pro-Troll Echip, behind flasher and dipsey diver, looking for Salmon, and a spotty came out to play Show
Sturgeon General Kokanee thumbKokanee August 13, 2022 24f765ee c0f1 4e4e 9114 3806243f9801 thumb   Approved, in spite of clearly wearing Julian's lucky tights - Corey Show
Corey Salmon thumbSalmon August 19, 2022 Rhpyxfcktqkxz4lte0fbfa thumb   Show
ThreemoneyJ Vermillion thumbRockfish August 18, 2022 7c1b59d6 2793 41f5 a6c3 653c3edf7989 thumb   Show
ThreemoneyJ Lingcod thumbLingcod August 18, 2022 39c1bbe1 4f25 4e88 8fe0 9aa66dfc30f9 thumb   Show