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Listing 20 most recently validated catches

(most recent on top)

Angler Length Date Caught Image(s) Notes Actions
tommcdo Cahalibut thumbCalifornia Halibut July 13, 2021 A40416c6 6c95 4846 a271 b091edb3ba7d thumb   Show
Corey Kokanee thumbKokanee July 13, 2021 Fullsizeoutput 2a5e thumb   Show
J Hook Kokanee thumbKokanee July 03, 2021 21f288a7 8f2e 4d64 8c0c dbb8c70663ab thumb   Off downrigger at 45’. This was the biggest of the limit for the day. Show
J Hook Trout thumbTrout June 26, 2021 Ebfe04a9 d041 4b49 be0b a9d716993ec5 thumb   Off downrigger at 25’ in 30’ FOW Show
KPD Striped bass thumbStriped Bass July 04, 2021 7b9b1915 7f86 4de7 a665 72d9e14692eb thumb   Salmon trolling bycatch. Show
deepseadrew Salmon thumbSalmon July 03, 2021 20210703 141650 thumb   Show
Poopsmith Greenling thumbGreenling July 04, 2021 20210704 141848 thumb   Show
tedski Lingcod thumbLingcod July 03, 2021 P7030963 thumb P7030964 thumb  Show
bbt95762 Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass July 02, 2021 Img 9162 thumb   texas rigged senko Show
The Kraken Trout thumbTrout June 25, 2021 Cutt13.5 thumb   All dinky cutthroats this year. Show
The Kraken Kokanee thumbKokanee June 25, 2021 Kok11.25 thumb   Show
tommcdo Catfish thumbCatfish June 28, 2021 3cb25748 b4ac 4be8 932f a9f111a8ae3c thumb   Catfish upgrade Show
Cookiemonster Vermillion thumbRockfish June 26, 2021 Img 7605 thumb   Show
ThreemoneyJ Salmon thumbSalmon June 26, 2021 8749a1d8 9a52 4a7c 95b1 a376ca041588 thumb   Show
tommcdo Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass June 21, 2021 3c3ebab8 536f 4b83 ab18 f69e86ea277e thumb   Largemouth bass upgrade Show
Abking Surfperch thumbSurf Perch June 20, 2021 Aoty victim took a big herring  thumb Dscf6441  2  thumb Dscf6443  2  thumb RTP took a sex herring while halibut fishing south of launch at Shelter Cove. Show
deepseadrew Lingcod thumbLingcod June 12, 2021 20210612 144317 thumb   Show
tedski Cahalibut thumbCalifornia Halibut June 12, 2021 Pxl 20210612 232556255 thumb   Show
bbt95762 Panfish thumbPanfish June 12, 2021 Bg3 thumb   PB Kayak bluegill, PB Fly fishing BG Show
bbt95762 Largemouth bass thumbLargemouth Bass June 12, 2021 B2 img 8998 thumb Bass1 thumb  PB kayak bass changed the picture as the first shot had the senko worm across the mouth (looked weird) NOTE: approved minus 1 inch due to open mouth (rule 8) PK Show